Why I Didn’t Like The Wolf of Wall Street (And What It Means for Indie Film)


This past weekend I saw The Wolf of Wall Street. It struck a cord in me as someone in the film industry. The film ultimately has all the qualifications showing why we are in the midst of an artistic and financial downturn. Now maybe I’ve grown bitter trying to fight the good fight over the [...]

Six Things To Look Out For In a Distribution Deal


It’s been a while. But I’m back and ready with some serious knowledge bombs for y’all today. While writing my lesson plan for my NYU class on distribution I came up with a list of the most important things to look out for in negotiating with a distributor. There are tons of other points of [...]

Make. Movies. Dammit.


Ted Hope yesterday finally (and thankfully) posted his reaction in rant form to the pending implosion of our industry as predicted by Spielberg and Lucas. As Ted points out, the belief and proof of our broken industry is all around us. His rant (which should be read in its entirety) can be summed up by the final words of the title [...]

Dogfish Accelerator Applications Observations


I am feeling so much Indie Film love right now. Today Team Dogfish will be going through the last of the applications for the Dogfish Accelerator program and sending out notifications tomorrow morning. It has been an EXHAUSTING four days of review and re-review and discussions and we are so humbled, touched, and amazed by [...]

Business Theories: Thoughts on [adult swim] and Fox


On June 23rd [adult swim] will begin airing episodes of the new Fox sensation Bob’s Burgers. This is now the 6th Fox TV show that TBS (the parent of William Street and Cartoon Network) has picked up for syndication (Family Guy, King of the Hill, Futurama, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show). As a die [...]

Dogfish Accelerator: Accelerating YOU


I have one more day until I’m done with classes for my MBA at NYU. As part of my coursework I had to make a commercial for a “fake” company. Exhausted having just came back from the SFIFF A2E program (of which I am preparing a post about, stay tuned) I quickly (and recklessly) whipped up this minute [...]

My Tribeca Dilemma: How to Use Your Audience


Prince Avalanche is doing the festival rounds and for the first time ever I have a film at Tribeca. This is an exciting and honorable moment but one that has left me in an interesting pickle: I have no idea whether or not to encourage people to see my own film. Whenever one of my [...]